Falken Insider Threat Program

Insider Threat Program (InTP) | Managed Services Solutions

The Falken Industries “Insider Threat Program” (InTP) has been designed from the ground up with organizations operating in the Defense and Intelligence community.

Government contractors, private sector enterprises and small and medium businesses within the supply chain ecosystem for products and services are continuously challenged. They are under the growing umbrella of a myriad federal acquisition guidelines. In addition, various export, civil liberties and privacy laws focused on preserving the integrity and trust of the United States in an international marketplace mandate compliance for your global commerce.

New solutions are required as a result of the increasing spectrum of threats from individuals in the workplace. The cyber nexus infiltrates your trade secrets and results in the theft of intellectual property. Falken’s “InTP Managed Services Solutions” provides a comprehensive menu of professional services, knowledge transfer, learning workshops and commercial-off-the-shelf software (COTS) customized to your exact requirements and budget.

Service Delivery Type Description Duration
Executive Briefing Overview Conference Room Presentation 1-2 hours
Employee / Management Education Workshop Corporate Training Room 1 Day
On-Site Assessment / Oversight Office or Manufacturing Facility 1-3 Days
Annual Managed Services Program (MSP) Bi-monthly or Quarterly 8-12 Days
User Activity Monitoring of Unclassified Environments File System and Network Data Continuous
Record Keeping All Relevant Data Kept and Accessible Continuous

Many companies have already started the establishment of an “Insider Threat Program” (InTP). Utilizing Subject Matter Experts from Falken Industries will provide your organization with the confidence and continuous assurance that you stay on course. “Achieving Trust” with employees, clients and suppliers is paramount in our digital 24x7x365 economy. Designing and adapting the InTP to your unique culture and the changing threat landscape is a vital strategy.

Our Managed Services Program (MSP) puts our experienced professionals on your location with your employees, with one-to-one knowledge transfer and effective oversight or assessment. Our modular and customized approach provides your organization with measurable outcomes and continuous improvement.

Falken Industries CyFuse Activity Tracker

Falken Industries automated CyFuse Activity Tracker (CAT) monitors user activity in real time and generates alerts when suspicious user activity is identified. This proprietary solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect anomalies in user behavior on enterprise systems. All user activity is recorded and available as mandated by the NISPOM Change 2 Insider Threat program.