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An Insider Threat Program Luncheon | 7-12-16

 Dynamis, Inc. & Falken Industries, LLC.  Cordially Request Your Presences At: An Insider Threat Program Luncheon A discussion with small and large businesses representing consulting, technology, and professional service sectors regarding the new Insider Threat Requirements for The National Industrial Security Program This discussion will focus on the new Insider Threat Programs that are required for all of the Industry …

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Falken Industries Supports Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month

Falken Industries of Manassas, VA is proud to support Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month. Held annually to recognize the important role critical infrastructure plays in our nation’s way of life and to share why it is important to expand and reinforce critical infrastructure security and resilience. Throughout November, Falken will be encouraging their employees to get involve and help make …

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Virginia Security Guard – What They Do and How to Get a Job as One

When most people of think of protection, the first thing that pops into their head is the police. And it is perfectly fine to think that, as police officers are a great asset in helping to protect the countries citizens from harm. But we sometimes forget that there is also another group of people who do many of the same …

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Use an Armed Security Company to Protect You and Yours

An armed security company plays a critical role in today’s society. They provide protection for people and assets in many different situations. Some companies specialize in moving money from one location to another. Other companies work to protect people that may be targets for attacks. There are specialists in investigating civil and criminal cases. The higher level companies specialize in …

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DC Security Guards- Hire the Best Protection Available

Hiring DC security guards is something that needs to be done with care and discretion in mind. When it comes to finding services and people to protect you, it’s always important to utilize the resources that are available to find the best professionals available. Of course, the first step comes in checking out the reputation of any service or company …

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DC Security Guards-Tips for Hiring the Right Security Guards

Hiring DC security guards is about more than just hiring security services. You need to also make sure that you have taken the time to find the best services and the best rates on security, depending on what your needs are. Security can make any business or personal experience safer and more enjoyable, and hiring the right people is far …

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